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Have you ever been to a conference where someone suggested you all needed a wiki to collaborate on?

If so, this Wikia is for you. This space can be used for planning and documenting any conference, and used for the follow-up discussions and activities that take place after the event (read more about this site).

You can also use this wiki as a calendar for all conferences, and write only a short but sufficient article about a conference that includes general information and basic links.

Getting started

Generally, there are two ways to create new content about a specific conference on this wiki. Either you write just one page (an "article"), or you start a "mini wiki" as a well-defined set of pages. It's up to you.

If you need assistance with this wiki please contact Wikia.

Option One


To write just one new article about a conference, think about a good page title first. Is a long or a short name better, a common abbreviation maybe? Is it an annual conference? Just put the year in the title.

Then, enter the title in the box below, and press the button; start editing (use the "preview" before saving). <createbox> bgcolor=#f5faff width=35 </createbox>

After you've created the page, don't forget to link to your article from this main page. You can do this easily by editing the list template.

Option Two


To learn how to add more than one page for a conference, study the examplary "mini wiki" please.

If the "mini wiki" section gets too large to be on this shared conferences wiki (~ more than 20 pages), please request a new wiki and ask to have your own wiki.

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