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Caution: This is just one example, how a basic mini wiki could be arranged.

Crystal Clear Splash

Logo of the EgCon 2007

The Example Conference 2007 (EgCon) will take place in Toronto, September 2007. It is the second conference of the Example Foundation. The first one took place in Sydney 2005, see [Example Conference 2005]. Blah blah …

Some more (but not too much) text is reasonable for such an introduction page – the mini wiki's "main page". Self made photos or graphics are always a good addition.

You can copy this page to have a general structure, and broaden it according to your needs. See the next section for some supposed subpages for a conferences's mini wiki. Please also note the way to link subpages from this page, and on subpages the way how the categories are written in the code.

If you're more experienced, you can also make your front page look more like a portal with some coloured boxes or so, of course.

More Information[]

  • Addresses
  • Attendees
  • Place
  • FAQ
  • Papers
  • Program
  • Registration
  • Speakers
  • Please consequently create all subpages for your conference per sample:

External Links[]

Note: All subpages of one conference's mini wiki must be tagged with [[Category:Name_of_Conference_200x]] or comparable at the bottom of each page.