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  • Day Chairman Ginny Reed opened the conference, calling it by the Xhosa name of "imbizo", (literally), "calling together," and reminding us that the word "kamma" is the word for water.
  • PDG Dave Sutcliffe introduced the flag of each of the district's eight countries, plus the flag of Toastmasters International's host country the USA.
  • And Liz Bullock welcomed us in four languages – English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and French, calling Port Elizabeth the "Friendly" (not Windy) City
  • DG Elize Janse van Rensburg talked about extending the network of trust and congratulated the Kammacon committee for such an excellent turnout. Between a third and half of the audience were attending a conference for the first time.
  • All first-time delegates received a prize.

Drumming workshop[]

By this time we were running late.


But it didn't matter because it was the time for every delegate to get a drum. To take up the time, we were led in song: We all sang along to "Do What You Do, Do Well" while the drums were being distributed. So what could have been a tense waiting game turned into a game.

Then we heard a story about an elephant his friend the butterfly, the giraffe and the snake in a thunderstorm. We all made the actions and the drum noises for the thunder, lightning, wind and animals.